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Popular Science Magazines
(Featuring Fiesta MK1 related articles)

Popular Science - New Car: Fiesta MK1Popular Science - New Car: Fiesta MK1
New Car: Fiesta MK1

"Ford Fiesta. Move over Chevette!"

September 1976

Popular Science - News: Fiesta CamperPopular Science - News: Fiesta Camper
News: Fiesta Camper

"...turning a tiny Fiesta into a Camper?"

July 1977

Popular Science - Group Test: Ford FiestaPopular Science - Group Test: Ford Fiesta
Group Test: Ford Fiesta

"Economy subcompacts"

July 1977

Popular Science - Road Test: Ford FiestaPopular Science - Road Test: Ford Fiesta
Road Test: Ford Fiesta

"40000-mile test of the new Ford Fiesta"

July 1977

Popular Science - News: Fiesta TuaregPopular Science - News: Fiesta Tuareg
News: Fiesta Tuareg

"Desert Tuareg"

July 1978

Popular Science - Technical: Fiesta Water InjectionPopular Science - Technical: Fiesta Water Injection
Technical: Fiesta Water Injection

"Improves small car's performance and mpg"

January 1980