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Fiesta MK1 Facebook Group Feed

Spotted in a side street near Oliva, Spain. ... See moreSee less

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I have a none locking fuel cap should it be colour codes for a SuperSport or black same as the locking ones?

Cheers mark
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Has anyone wired in a xr dash clocks into a std fiesta? ... See moreSee less

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Douglas AitkenIt's simple.you need the plug for the xr2 clocks.all the wire colours are the same but there's one extra one for the rev counter (think it's black and green) and it needs to go to the earth side of the coil I think and that's it.

11 hours ago   ·  1

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Chris GraingerYou dont need the xr plug. Can be done with standard one.

11 hours ago

Pete Filipovic ッyes. dont cut the wires. if you use a pin you can slide the whole connection out of the plug

7 hours ago

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Has anyone lowered a mk1 25mm on 175/50/13's? Thanks ... See moreSee less

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Martin McKendryThis was down at least 2" on 185/60/13 xr and then supersport rims. Gas strut and spring kit from Motech in around 92

11 hours ago

Jack MasonYes mate I gave I think it's the same trye size as u

8 hours ago

Lewi DavisonPerfect, thanks for that Jack!

7 hours ago

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Ian Edwards shared Driver's Seat's post to the group: Ford Fiesta MK1 Club - www.fiesta-mk1.co.uk.

A spanking brand new Sunday Classic Car Breakfast Club... 1st serving on Sunday the 30th of April at the Dare Valley Park, Aberdare... so let's see your classic !!!!!!!!
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DRIVER'S SEAT BREAKFAST CLUB... Cafe Cwtch at the Dare Valley Country Park, Aberdare - the PERFECT cafe for a Classic Car Breakfast Club.. so see you there for the very first Driver's Seat (GTFM Radio) Sunday Classic Car Breakfast Club this coming Sunday the 30th of April from 9 am to 1 pm .. then the 28th of May, 25th of June and finally the 24th of September.. for more info don't hesitate to buzz me on 07583 931 068 .. cheers Ian www.facebook.com/driversseateventsguide/

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Mike LightfootI think you need to Come to Carlisle for the week mate

1 day ago

Paul KillanPorn u shouldn't be putting that on here ull get band. 😂😂

1 day ago

Kevin Andersonlooking v/good chris ,you gonny make it up next sunday ?

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David Cànovas JiménezChris Grainger where i find the scape colectors 4-2-1?

13 hours ago

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Chris GraingerAnd she is running. Master cylinder has gone though!!

12 hours ago   ·  1

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Mitesh Parmar shared Fiesta Retro Parts's post to the group: Ford Fiesta MK1 Club - www.fiesta-mk1.co.uk. ... See moreSee less

Der Michael mit seinem Fiesta 1100 ccm ist auch mit dabei....und ab für das erste freie Training !

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Welcome to www.fiesta-mk1.co.uk, dedicated to all things related to the Ford Fiesta MK1 1976-1983.

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Do you know if any of these Fiesta's are alive today? (in any condition)
- PNO 613R, DHJ 500T, MHJ 133V - Group 2 rally cars
- 9543GR92, B-8267-DX, K-NR 776, K-XX 926, Z75188-ROMA - European Group 2 rally cars
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If so, please get in touch (webmaster@fiesta-mk1.co.uk), would be great to hear if any of these cars still survive today or just any information on them.

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Fiesta MK1 Parts for Sale/Wanted Feed

Brand new and unused can be taken to transport museum next Sunday £100 ... See moreSee less

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I am after the following parts.

Black Lock set including ignition barrel

Black carpet

Passenger side seat from a ghia or a SuperSport

Rear door cards any colour

Soft dash any colour

Need items asap. Can anyone help me out.

Cheers mark
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Chris My-ArsePaul Smiley had seats, few posts below

3 days ago   ·  1

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Thanks for adding me to the group ... See moreSee less

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Mitesh ParmarWelcome, our main group page is here, if you've not joined already.... www.facebook.com/groups/154396764503/

4 days ago

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Mitesh Parmar shared Louise Hazlewood's post to the group: Ford Fiesta Mk1 Items For Sale-Swap-Wanted - www.fiesta-mk1.co.uk. ... See moreSee less

SOLD SOLD SOLD!!! 1983 mk1 fiesta van. 1.1 petrol. 11 months MOT. Very good clean condition. Quick sale needed £4500.

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Mk1 seats. Driver's seat is bent from a side impact so don't know what they're worth. Open to offers and collection from north Yorkshire. ... See moreSee less

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Mark AaronI'm interested mate how much are they?

3 days ago

Paul SmileyNot sure what they're worth really as one is bent but open to offers.

2 days ago

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Will a mk2 heater matrix fit a mk1? ... See moreSee less

What's available to put disc brake on a rear of a 78Ford FIESTA mk1? ... See moreSee less

Mk1 fiesta Moonroof and bag. £300 posted from Holland ... See moreSee less

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Andrew W. EspositoThese are the best! My wife bought me one!

7 days ago

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Has anyone got a spare one of these rubber grommets to go over the rear screen wire?found a bloke on one of these sites but can't find the post anymore 🙈 ... See moreSee less

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Chris My-ArseGood luck, rarer than a diamond encrusted unicorns horn

2 weeks ago

Robert MowatAre mk2 ones the same?

2 weeks ago

Andy WardYes I think they are

2 weeks ago

Robert MowatI have these.

2 weeks ago   ·  1

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Robert Mowat

2 weeks ago

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